Monday 14 September 2015

No. AIPAEA/KOL/   1227                                              dated:      11  - 09-2015

The General  Manager,(PA & F),
West Bengal  Circle, Kolkata.

                                                                      Sub : Promotion of DE passed MTS & LDC.
       I am directed to place before you the pathetic condition of MTS employees of this office.  Almost all of them have rendered more than twenty years of service as MTS in this office. A good number of them has already passed departmental examination for promotion to LDC in the year 2007. But they are being deprived of their minimum benefits .A good number of vacancies are lying for promotion to LDC from sorter cadre. However, it is being learnt that a one time conversion proposal of vacancy from sorter to LDC has been sent to Directorate as per our bi-monthly discussion. A continuous persuasion is highly required to achieve this. It is also being seen that there are some SC and ST among the awaiting MTS , who are being deprived for last twenty years.
      It is, therefore, requested to arrange to supply the latest position of vacancy in LDC cadre under quota of promotion from MTS and sorter cadres, along with the latest proposal ,if any, towards this cause.
                                   Thanking you,
                                                                                                               Circle Secretary 
                      NEW DELHI


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